Retiring abroad: Would you like to spend your golden years in the sun?

Thailand offers everything you could wish for!

Do you dream of spending your well-earned retirement in a warm and sunny climate? While still enjoying all the comforts you would have in Switzerland, simply at a lower cost? If so, you should consider Thailand, which in recent years has become a popular destination for emigrants.

This article contains important information and facts to help you take a focussed approach to planning.

A few general facts to get started

Thailand is around 12 times the size of Switzerland and boasts a coastline stretching almost 3,000 kilometres. This emerging economy and middle-income country is a constitutional monarchy, and 94 per cent of its 69 million inhabitants are Buddhist.

As Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is the country’s largest city by far and, in addition to its numerous sights and attractions, offers an extremely modern local transport system. But Thailand’s impressive infrastructure is not limited to Bangkok; it extends throughout the country.

Thailand and tourism – a fruitful relationship

Thailand is a popular travel destination for many Europeans. The year-round warm climate doesn’t just appeal to backpackers, it increasingly attracts travellers from the upper tier of the luxury segment, too. Welcoming over 40 million international visitors, Thailand’s tourism industry is one of the driving forces behind the country’s economy. With new hotels and restaurants opening every year, there’s something for everyone, on the coast as well as further inland. Do you enjoy snorkelling, or maybe you prefer to explore ancient temples? In Thailand, you can do both!

Thailand as an emigration destination – what you need to know

There are already around 10,000 Swiss citizens registered with the embassy in Bangkok, and this figure is rising.

If you’re young at heart, open to other cultures and have a good grasp of English, then Thailand is the place for you! The Land of Smiles is different to Switzerland in many respects, and a healthy dose of curiosity and openness will ensure your everyday life in the country is rich with fantastic experiences.

Before all this, however, and despite the anticipation and excitement, it’s essential that you make careful preparations. You should allow at least a couple of months for this – the bureaucratic process moves slowly in Thailand, too. The key things to organise include health insurance, purchasing or renting property, the logistics of moving and the correct residence permit.

For those planning an extended stay, Thailand offers a number of different residence permits. Despite the red tape, these are generally easy to obtain if you prepare carefully.

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